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  • Rebeka Machado says:

    I am having problems obtaining vital information needed from my Cedar Rapids housing authority regarding an action that they filed against me. I have evidence to prove that due process was not followed. I have also asked for the alleged complaint that was filed and they tell me it was anonymous. Is there a formal or legal complaint form that I have to use? The abatement inspector and the assistant city attorney keep telling me in writing that no such information is available.

    • iowafoic says:

      What kinds of information are you unable to obtain? And what reason do officials give for declining to provide the information you seek? Please send me an email — — and I will follow up with you.

  • Rebeka machado says:

    I’m wondering exactly what information I can legally have access to. Concerning my property?

    • iowafoic says:

      In Iowa, you can go to your county recorder’s office with the address of your property — regardless of whether you own or rent — and find out such details as the assessed value, the property taxes on the real estate, the name of the owner (if you rent).

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